We are a group of musicians, writers, visual artists, and others who have recognized that we are being fooled into exchanging our creative labor-power for wages which are entirely spent on the expenses of existing. Our lives have been measured in hours by machines and purchased by business-people at prices which we had no say in – all the while, the life which we are paying for dries up before our eyes – no more. Just as our labor once produced wealth for the Machine so it will now produce the wealth of Art with which we shall purchase our own lives. We will use our lives to bury the Machine in an avalanche of beauty – the blaring seas of our music shall cover up the sounds of your cash-registers! our paints & inks shall descend like a torrential storm of color & poetry on your advertisements! our tomfoolery shall pour through the somber lighting of your depressing hallways! and the amount of fun that we have shall so utterly exceed yours that you will finally agree to quit this ridiculous game to come play with us! You have been warned.

The Precariat Collective Charter

1. Declaration of Purpose & Methodology

a.) We, a small group of freely-associated human beings, hereby declare the formation of the Precariat Collective as a directly democratic, non-sectarian, apolitical, metaphysical revolutionary front whose primary aim is to destroy capitalism through Art & Humor. We declare open & total psychic war against global capitalism & its foul-smelling children, authoritarianism & consumerism; the Precariat Collective will give no quarter, will show no mercy, & will leave no stone un-turned in our struggle to root them out – wherever they may be, we will find them and we will make fun of them until such time as either they shall disappear or we are destroyed.

b.) We define “capitalism” as (1) those ideologies which promote the private ownership of land, natural resources, & means of production, which allows the few to exploit the labor of the many; as well as (2) those governmental, military, financial, or other institutions, such as the mass media, which perpetuate or otherwise reinforce the above ideologies or their implementation; and finally, as (3) those psychic structures within our own skulls & chests which manifest themselves as the urge to dominate or treat each other unjustly, undermining the process of democracy, which is the antidote to capitalism.

c.) By “open & total war” it is meant that we shall endeavor by those means at our disposal to destroy; because the collective believes that violent or coercive means ultimately produce violent or coercive ends, our “means” are primarily Art & Humor. We believe that capitalism is not ultimately real, being a large scale projection based on various combinations of faulty reasoning, propaganda, trickery, lack of education, & fear based on coercion; like other fears & fallacies, we believe capitalism to be subject to immediate evaporation upon contact with reality in the form of art or genuine, critical humor; we will therefore endeavor to bring these weapons to bear on capitalism in whatever form we may find it.

d.) We believe “Art” to be that sublime form of labor whose creative aim is not other than itself and it is therefore inherently anti-capitalist as we are able to participate in its creation to the extent that we are not laboring presently to enrich the capitalist or merely to subsist. By devoting our lives, come what may, to the joy of reclaiming our essentially creative labor we will first expropriate ourselves from the system of wage-slavery by assisting each other in partaking of the full product of our labor, destroying that capitalism that has taken root in our own psyches; this art shall stand as a testament to all that there is an alternative to exploitation and that that alternative is beautiful.

e.) In order to maintain its effectiveness, “Humor” shall not be defined.

In order to become one, ask one.

2. Organization & Structure

a.) The Precariat Collective shall operate, now and forever more, based on the principles of direct democracy. All decisions are subject to majority rule as well as immediate referendum by any member, between which no distinction shall be made. The charter itself shall serve as an essentially liquid statement depending on the majority’s consent and shall be subject to immediate amendment at any time.

i. In the Case of an Impasse. In the case of an even tie on any issue within the collective, first it should be assessed whether both may be implemented and whether that would be satisfactory to the majority. In the case that this fails, one member from each of the parties should each present a formal argument before the collective in an attempt to sway some of the members. If no majority be found still, then it shall be left to “chance” by means of a coin-toss.

b.) Membership is on an invitation basis and is granted by a two-thirds majority. The rights & responsibilities of members include but are not limited to the following:

i. According to each members individual capacity, during the course of their self-promotion of individual artistic projects they shall endeavor to promote the art of each other member within their respective social networks, websites, tours, books, or other appropriate mediums. In return, each member should expect their individual artistic projects to be promoted by each other, according to their ability.

ii. Each member shall respect the fundamental democratic principles of the collective, attempting to compromise wherever it seems to them to be helpful and in the best interests of the collective. Each member is expected to fight against and destroy the collective should it ever fall into the hands of authoritarianism.

iii. No member shall ever be coerced by another.

iv. No member shall discuss the activities of the collective without previous authorization from the majority.

v. Each member is free to leave the collective without any ill-will towards them if they find their disagreeances irreconcilable.

vi. Each member shall endeavor to cooperate with the overall goals of the collective by taking part in the democratic process and then by working to implement those measures that pass.