When we embark on a journey, we often forget that the destination serves only as a container for the real adventure, which is often discovered unexpectedly when new experiences challenge our attachment to security and comfort. We are afraid of losing control over our experiences, because we feel that so long as we are in control, there is a buffer between our vulnerability and the overwhelming pain that we are capable of feeling.


And yet, along with our understandable inclination to avoid pain, something very precious is lost. Though it may seem subtle, we pay a price for the control that we impose on our experiences. We are afraid, and the price that we pay for turning away from our fear is that we find it more difficult to embrace the totality of our journey, and to find meaning in its unpredictability. We are reluctant to let go of our fear because we misunderstand its purpose- fear can teach us to be brave, just as suffering can teach us to be strong. I hope that on your journey, you give yourself the gift of feeling the awesome power of the human experience, both in its darkness and in its light, if only just for a moment. Heads up- tears may flow.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” 

-J.R.R. Tolkien

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“I discovered early in life a stunning truth that’s made my life very complicated in its wake, but that I still think is true, and it’s that people are very easy to love.”
-Terence McKenna

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