Alison Lee Chapman

In great anticipation of my son’s arrival, I would frequently stare at his 23-week ultrasound snapshots– squinting at his profile, imagining how he might look on our side of the world. It became a ritual, and also a distraction while working at my desk.

And, in great anticipation, I read everything I could about the process of childbirth. I read most of Ina May Gaskin’s publications, I read about Hypnobirthing, I read Birthing From Within. When I should have been sleeping, I was on my phone, reading countless articles about everything from natural birthing to how to help your toddler sleep at night.

Fellow parents and midwives gave me the great advice of not getting too attached to one birth plan, or an idea of how things are going to go once labor starts. I consider myself very seasoned in “going with the flow”. Maybe this is because I’m…

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